Surprise Elopement at William Simmons Park [Victoria Wedding Photographer]

There is no wedding more romantic than a surprise elopement in Sooke! My dear friends Sam and Josh have been together for many years. In October, they decided to elope with just a few family and friends. They live in Sooke and invited a small group of family “for dinner”. In the week leading up to the wedding (yes, it was planned in just one week!) I had a blast working with Sam to hire the amazing officiant, Brenda Parkinson and to find the perfect wedding dress. There were definitely tons of tears watching her try on dresses! On the day of the wedding, I also did Sam’s hair and makeup. It was such a fun morning. Sam and Josh let everyone know they were getting married! It was a rainy day, so we chose the location at the last minute. A big thanks goes out to Brenda for being such a flexible officiant! William Simmons Memorial Park is a beautiful spot with forest trails, an orchard, a covered picnic area, and docks on Poirier Lake. It’s a hidden gem just 5 minutes from Sooke’s downtown core! We sent the groom and family to the park about 10 minutes ahead of the bride. Her father walked her down the isle and lead her to the alter, which was in the beautiful orchard. I love that even though it was raining, they were happy to have the wedding under those pretty trees! The ceremony was so heartfelt. I think that’s what happens when you plan something last minute… there is no time to overthink! There were tons of tears and lots of laughs! The portraits we took after the ceremony are some of my favourites. We had so much fun and they were filled with joy! Afterwards, the entire wedding was treated to an amazing meal at the Sooke Harbour House’s new Copper Room. The food there is incredible and the company was wonderful. I just love how smoothly the day went and how incredible it was to be a part of such a romantic wedding!



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Iranian Wedding at the Prestige in Sooke

I met Golpar and Charles for their Iranian wedding at the Prestige Oceanfront Hotel in Sooke, B.C. This couple is madly in love – they are exactly the type of couple I love working with! They hosted an Iranian wedding with family and friends from Iran and all over the United States! Charles is a PhD student in Alabama who is from British Columbia. Golpar, from Iran, is a structural engineer in Florida. Needless to say, they spent a lot of time apart before their wedding.

Planning an international wedding can be such hard work, but they pulled it off without a hitch. These two are so laid back and just so happy to be together. Paired with their love for each other, it was such a joyful occasion! I was honoured to see them in my hometown of Sooke for their special day. They wanted to incorporate cultural elements in their ceremony. There were beautiful fabrics and several meaningful foods and momentos. The ring box was my favourite, because inside it was a love note from when they first started dating. How sweet is that?!

The ceremony was so heartwarming. All of the guests formed a circle around them. The ceremony site has a gorgeous view of the Sooke harbour and the stunning mountains of Olympic National Park in Washington. It was a windy day, and we made it work with some beautiful portraits of this loving couple. After the ceremony, Golpar had a surprise visit from her dog! They then shared a wonderful meal and danced the night away. It was such a joy to listen to the speeches. With many guests coming from all over the world and Golpar and Charles living so far apart, they had wonderful and loving stories to tell.

Congratulations Golpar & Charles! I wish you the very best in your marriage! <3


bride-getting-ready-prestige-hotel-sooke-makeup-mirror bride-getting-ready-wedding-dress-bouquet-bridesmaid-lipstickbride-and-groom-creative-portrait-prestige-oceanfront-hotel-sooke-wedding-4 bride-and-groom-creative-portrait-prestige-oceanfront-hotel-sooke-wedding-3 bride-and-groom-creative-portrait-prestige-oceanfront-hotel-sooke-wedding-2 bride-and-groom-creative-portrait-prestige-oceanfront-hotel-sooke-wedding ebony-logins-clickin-moms-daily-project-wedding-victoria-bc-69 bride-and-groom-at-prestige-oceanfront-hotel-sooke-veil-wind father-of-the-bride-kiss-wedding-sooke-prestige-hotel prestige-oceanfront-hotel-sooke-bride-bridal-portrait-architecture-award-winning-click-pro-daily-project-image-of-the-week prestige-oceanfront-hotel-bride-walking-down-staircase-to-ceremony prestige-oceanfront-hotel-sooke-wedding-surprise-dog-bride-groom-bridesmaid-mother-of-the-bride iranian-wedding-ring-box-love-note-colour-red-fabric-blue-details prestige-oceanfront-hotel-sooke-bride-groom-walk-down-the-isle-anticipation prestige-oceanfront-hotel-sooke-bride-groom-walk-down-the-isle prestige-hotel-iranian-wedding-ceremony-oceanfront-gazebo-bride-groom-first-kiss prestige-hotel-iranian-wedding-ceremony-oceanfront-gazebo-bride-groom iranian-wedding-prestige-hotel-bride-dress-veil-wind-groom


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