4 Times Patience Paid Off During a Wedding

Every time I go to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year museum exhibit, I am amazed at the patience required to take my favorite photographs. The photographers wait days and sometimes weeks in anticipation of a single moment, lasting only milliseconds. Anticipation. When you really start to feel the moment you’re in, you can deeply connect and anticipate beautiful moments.

During a wedding, photographers can get caught up in the action and stress of the day and suffer from some serious FOMO. But, there are times during a wedding day when certain ‘characters’ in the wedding story can be highlighted. This allows you to drown out the noise and focus on those characters, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to unfold.

I like to capture a photograph of witnesses signing after the ceremony, but I kept an eye on the B&G so that I wouldn’t miss this sweet “omg, we’re married” moment.


It was tempting to capture the candid giggles of the bridesmaids in the background. But I waited for a bridesmaid to make a joke, which got mom laughing while tying up her daughter’s dress. Had I focused on the bridesmaids who made the joke, I would have missed this priceless mother-daughter moment.


This bride had a private moment in her dressing room with her mother. I waited outside the door in the hope of capturing movement in a dress shot when she came out. Little did I know, she would be adjusting her garter and holding her “something blue”.


After capturing a first look with her father, I went outside to photograph her leaving for the ceremony. I could have easily stayed to capture some fun candids of her and her bridesmaids, but I took a risk! I found a tree that provided framing and sat for several minutes before she opened the door.


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