Jessica & Mike

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Wedding Photography – Proposal

Did you know that Red Cedar Photography offers proposal photo services?

That’s right! I will come to your proposal and photograph the whole event for you. This kind of thing lights up my heart!

Don’t worry, I’ll be discreet – they’ll never even know I’m there until after your partner say yes! You may not know this, but photographers are also trained in the art of being spies…

The proposal is something you & your fiancé will always remember, yet it’s often not captured on camera. This is one of the most important moments of your soon-to-be’s life and all of their friends and family are going to be ask how it happened. What better way to share that moment with them than with amazing, professional photos and a video to go with it? I’m telling you, your fiancé will brag about you for years to come!

Sarah and Mike are the kind of couple that’s just obviously made for one another. When I found out about Mike’s proposal idea, I cleared my schedule and prepared to head up to Nanaimo’s beautiful waterfront – the site of their first date! Mike recreated their first date, even proposing on the same bench they sat a year before. The weather was amazing and sunny all day, but there was a major chance of rain right around the time of the proposal. But! We kept to the schedule and… the only time it rained was during the proposal, which was actually perfect timing. The rain created the most beautiful rainbow right above them! There’s just nothing more magical than that ♥ These two adorable people are getting married in September 2015 and I couldn’t be more excited to photograph their engagement and wedding!

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Click here for pricing and booking information or if you have any questions about this process, please contact Ebony Logins, Engagement & Wedding Photographer Victoria BC.

Victoria Wedding Photography

As you can see, my pricing is a little different than most. Essentially, you pay for the exact products and services you want. It’s like, a mix between typical wedding packages and a-la-carte. I think it’s the best of both worlds! You don’t get anything you don’t need, and it’s not confusing! One of your first options is whether or not you would like to hire a 2nd professional or intern photographer. A 2nd shooter is another set of eyes there to cover the wedding. Here are some reasons why it’s an excellent idea to have them!

  1. I cannot teleport. If you know me, you know I love the idea of teleportation! Unfortunately, I can only be in one place at any given time. Yes, the bride will always start getting ready before the groom! But the most exciting things happen in the bride’s room when the guys start to get ready. Like putting on the dress! I don’t want to miss that while running down the street, retuning from photographing the groom. With a 2nd shooter, you know that all the day’s memories are being captured. The brides and the grooms!Victoria BC Engagement by Ebony Logins
  2. Posed shots are important. They are the ones you hang on the wall, print in your album, and send to your grandparents. It is my job to make sure you have these timeless images that you can print, display, and share with family and friends for years to come. But! These are not the real you! These photographs are beautiful and my favourite to capture, don’t get me wrong! The 2nd shooter will also capture the in-between moments. Candid shots that reflect how you really are with your partner, friends, and » Ebony Logins | Red Cedar Photography | Wedding & Engagement Photography | Victoria, B.C.
  3. The 2nd shooter is also an important asset during the ceremony. They add to the number of images you receive. They also capture additional unique moments and angles.Courtenay Wedding
  4. You’ll get more creative shots from throughout the wedding day, as well! I am focused on the traditional shots and capturing the important images from your shot list. The 2nd photographer has the freedom to explore and be creative. They capture additional perspectives for your album that compliment the main photographer’s work.
    Victoria BC Wedding Photographer
  5. Oh goodness. Now, we hope an emergency will never happen. But! If the main photographer gets injured during the wedding, the 2nd shooter is there to ensure the work continues! Without skipping a beat, the 2nd shooter will be there to photograph all the beautiful moments. Also, we carry more than one camera body and plenty of lenses. Sometimes though, a card can be corrupted or a camera can seize without warning. A 2nd shooter will be right there to capture the moment that could be missed while the main photographer is changing equipment.
    Doug & Janier Wedding, Vancouver, Chinese Garden
  6. Sometimes there is not a lot of time between the ceremony and reception for photos. This doesn’t mean you should have fewer beautiful images! Instead of spending time photographing reception details, the 2nd shooter can take on this important task while the main shooter photographs your couples shots after » Ebony Logins | Red Cedar Photography | Wedding & Engagement Photography | Victoria, B.C.

Victoria BC Engagement Photography

 Engagement Photography

Victoria BC Engagement Photography

Congratulations! You’re engaged!

♥ Fill out your Couples Questionnaire today ♥

Your engagement photography session with Red Cedar Photography will be fun and carefree. It’s definitely nothing to worry about!

It’s a time to celebrate, relax, and look forward to your future together.


Victoria BC Engagement Photography

If you’re up for a stylized session, think about your current hobbies and interests. What do you like to do together? Cooking, sports, hiking? Think about where you love to be together. Where do you spend most of your time together that means a lot to you both? This might be the beach, park, home, etc. These images capture your “forever” moments, so make sure they location brings back some awesome memories!


These are also the images that will be in your wedding guestbook, and guests love to see the two of you enjoying quality time together! If you love goofing off, let’s make sure we do some goofing along with those artistic serious shots!


You can also work your professions in you your engagement session.

Is he a firefighter? A dancer? A farmer? Is she a chef? A teacher? A geologist? Whatever the case may be, incorporating your professional lives into your photographs will help make the moment last forever. It can be as simple as bringing along uniforms and meaningful items to the shoot to heading to the location that signifies your area(s) of expertise.


Are you into sports? Show some team spirit in your photographs with jerseys! If you like to play basketball together, consider some time at the courts during your shoot.

Victoria BC Engagement Photography

What’s your favorite kind of music? Are you both country lovers? Maybe you’re more into the classical music scene. Don’t be afraid to dress the part.


Where do you feel like you’re really in your element? Is it outdoors at your favorite park? In the museum perusing the art? Or maybe you love the buzz of a colorful city.


What always makes you two laugh or have fun? Maybe it’s a board game, or a visit to the fair or circus.


Let’s have some fun at your engagement session. Think of a few great locations and bring a few props or changes of clothing! This is your time to have fun, relax, and celebrate your future together.

Engagement Photography by Ebony Logins – Red Cedar Photography – Based in Victoria BC

Timing Your Engagement Session

Sooke Engagement

💍 Engagement Photos | Victoria BC & Beyond 💍

There are many factors to consider when planning your engagement photos. You want to get the timing right and I’m here to help! Even if you have some dates in mind, this is a great time to make sure it works with your overall wedding goals. Take into consideration the following, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

Displaying your engagement photos at your wedding:

I love seeing engagement photos at weddings! There are some truly beautiful and creative ways to display them.  If you’d like outdoor photos, plan your engagement session in the season that you are having your wedding. This way, the photos will match your decor.

engagement photos victoria bc

Book Your Engagement Session Early!

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, it’s typical to schedule your engagement photos during the dry season. This also happens to be the busiest time for wedding photographers. Book early to secure your date! Keep in mind that weekdays may be your best bet, so you may need to book time off work.

Sooke Engagement

Have a Backup Date

We all know that the weather can be pretty crazy! A little rain never scared this girl, but if it’s a downpour, we will reschedule to your trusty backup date. FYI I looove to shoot on windy and dramatically cloudy days, so I will only reschedule if the weather will damage my equipment, or if you are not comfortable in the environment. » Ebony Logins | Red Cedar Photography | Wedding & Engagement Photography | Victoria, B.C.

Save the Date!

Are you using your engagement photos for Save the Dates? What about a wedding guestbook or photo display? I will have your photos edited within 10-14 days. Remember that it also takes time to design and print your products and to have them shipped. Allow time for the process so that you can get the Save the Dates to your guests on time. » Ebony Logins | Red Cedar Photography | Wedding & Engagement Photography | Victoria, B.C.

Wedding Slideshow

A wedding slideshow is another great way of displaying your engagement photos. Good thing I include one with every engagement! You’ll receive a slideshow along with your images, which you can use at your wedding as well. This is a great, stress free option if you’re running low on time. » Ebony Logins | Red Cedar Photography | Wedding & Engagement Photography | Victoria, B.C.

♥ Ebony Logins
Owner, Red Cedar Photography
Engagement Photos Victoria BC & Beyond

Wedding Photographer Victoria BC | Whitney & Steve’s Engagement in Sooke, BC

When I first met Whitney, I knew we would be friends! She is seriously the most adorable person, ever. A kind, sweet, dedicated, and gorgeous lady. She also loves going fishing with her fiancé, Steve. It really is no wonder he proposed to her!

Wedding Photographer Victoria BC Wedding Photographer Victoria BC

Aside from all the mushy, gushy, lovey-dovey reasons, my favourite part of photographing engagements and weddings is using the natural environment to enhance the beauty of each couple. That was exactly what I had in mind for Whitney & Steve’s engagement session in Sooke.

It was winter and salmon spawning season, which means it’s cold, wet, and smells like fish. So when Whit said she’d be willing to walk down a muddy, stinky forest trail so that we could capture the perfect engagement photos is this beautiful private spot… it completely made my day! Once I got Steve to warm up to the camera (he’s a man’s man, after all!) they were a super fun couple to photograph. At the end, he was even piggy-backing Whitney through the forest… d’awww!

Sooke EngagementSooke EngagementSooke EngagementWedding Photographer Victoria BCThese two are beyond adorable! I am so happy for them. They recently bought a house, too! Their view of the city lights at night is just ridiculous. They have worked so hard for everything they have, and they are so wonderfully deserving. Their tropical destination wedding is going to be amazing!

Engagement PINspiration

Ebony Logins – Wedding Photographer Victoria BC

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Ebony Logins is your creative wedding photographer Victoria BC & beyond! Specializing in engagements, weddings, and family photography, Red Cedar Photo is known for including the environmental portraits. Ebony lives in the small, seaside community of Sooke, BC and is actually on Town Council because she loves the town so darn much. She is currently booking 2015-2016 weddings, graduation senior portrait sessions, and surprise engagements, nationwide.


Maria & Carson’s Engagement Session in Nanaimo, BC

I love driving up island to have an almond milk latte at my favourite cafe, Mon Petit Chou, and lunch at my favourite raw food restaurant, Power House (you have to try their Falafel Wrap).

Today was extra awesome, since I traveled up for Maria & Carson’s engagement shoot. Here are a couple of photosNanaimo EngagementNanaimo Engagement

Check out their wedding blog!