4 Times Patience Paid Off During a Wedding

Every time I go to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year museum exhibit, I am amazed at the patience required to take my favorite photographs. The photographers wait days and sometimes weeks in anticipation of a single moment, lasting only milliseconds. Anticipation. When you really start to feel the moment you’re in, you can deeply connect and anticipate beautiful moments.

During a wedding, photographers can get caught up in the action and stress of the day and suffer from some serious FOMO. But, there are times during a wedding day when certain ‘characters’ in the wedding story can be highlighted. This allows you to drown out the noise and focus on those characters, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to unfold.

I like to capture a photograph of witnesses signing after the ceremony, but I kept an eye on the B&G so that I wouldn’t miss this sweet “omg, we’re married” moment.


It was tempting to capture the candid giggles of the bridesmaids in the background. But I waited for a bridesmaid to make a joke, which got mom laughing while tying up her daughter’s dress. Had I focused on the bridesmaids who made the joke, I would have missed this priceless mother-daughter moment.


This bride had a private moment in her dressing room with her mother. I waited outside the door in the hope of capturing movement in a dress shot when she came out. Little did I know, she would be adjusting her garter and holding her “something blue”.


After capturing a first look with her father, I went outside to photograph her leaving for the ceremony. I could have easily stayed to capture some fun candids of her and her bridesmaids, but I took a risk! I found a tree that provided framing and sat for several minutes before she opened the door.


Family Session at Uplands Park

Prom 2015 | EMCS

Congratulations to the grad of 2015! Here’s the EMCS Prom 2015 video…

Victoria Photographer

Featured Photographs – Spring 2015

The past two months have been wonderful for my creativity. I always seem to fall into a bit of a winter rut! Recently, Clickin Moms put out a challenge to illustrate the word ‘new’ – I didn’t realize that such a short and simple word could get my creativity flowing. I went on a two hour adventure through one of my favourite Sooke parks… it’s a favourite because it’s the least populated. Most of the time, I like to photograph in isolation, not only to limit distractions, but also so I don’t look like a crazy person crouched down, swaying back and forth trying to get the perfect focus on a macro shot! Anyway, the word led to an adventure which led to my favourite personal work to date. I’ll post a blog for these images soon!

My photograph in the April blog post uses colour and lines to tell the story of this new tree bud and the journey it’s looking forward to as we head into spring.

“30 Pictures that Illustrate the Word New”

Victoria Photographer

Back in February, I asked my Facebook followers to choose between a black and white or a colour version of a photograph of Monty. I submitted the photograph to be featured in March… and it was selected! I am so honoured to have images featured on, by far, my favourite photography blog. This post is all about emotion. Monty, my Border Collie/Australian Shepherd cross, is the most emotional dog I know! He was a perfect fit, especially on this day. He broke his foot last year and has had difficulty fully recovering. He spent months unable to go for short walks or runs. For a 4 year old hyper dog, this was very challenging for him! He healed up, and then almost 1 year from his injury, he started limping after playing in the yard. Obviously sad, little Monty spent the rest of the week resting on my bed.

“20 Emotional Photos that will Pull at You”

Victoria Photographer

Being featured alongside some incredible female photographers like Bre Thurston, Brandy Jaggers, Lisa Tichané, and Michelle DeMoss to name just a few… it’s really a great honour!

Start Capturing Life Now (300x250)

Family Photography Victoria BC – The Hill Family

Once in a while, I get to photograph an amazing family like the Hill’s. I used to work with Leanna at Volunteer Victoria. She was my manager a few years ago when I worked in their youth connections program! Now, she manages training and outreach, which is a pretty stellar position in a pretty incredible organization. Leanna has always been so inspirational to my world outside of photography, so when she asked me to photograph her family for the second time, I felt it was the very least I could do for these amazing folks!

Family Photographer Victoria BC

Family Photographer Victoria BC

Family Photographer Victoria BC

Aren’t they a beautiful family?! Their newest addition was born in their home. They wouldn’t have made it to the hospital before he was born, so why not! This little cutie was born with his family all around him, in the comfort of his own home. Lucky guy! When I photographed their first son, it was in their home as well. He was so tiny back then! Now, he’s a multi-lingual toddler and big brother! Time flies! And because time flies, especially with two kids around the house, there is always a need for some relaxing one-on-one time with your partner…

Family Photographer Victoria BC

Of course, my favourite part of the day is playing around and getting some laughs out of everyone…

Family Photography Victoria BC

Family Photography Victoria BC

It is so much fun working with the Hill family… I can’t wait to see where they go next! They are super adventurous, and will be taking a long journey through North America with their two adorable kids pretty soon. I look forward to hearing the stories of their travels!



“Ebony has captured two of our greatest family moments to date: the first photo shoots of each of our sons at 8 weeks old (2012 & 2015). Ebony seamlessly participated in our regular activities, making us feel like we had a friend over for a visit, rather than being ‘on’ for the camera. In this way, Ebony caught the true spirit of our family, our boys, and our love! Not only did she capture the ‘must-have’ photos (grandparent pleasers) but she also brought her artful eye to the shoot. We have some timeless and evocative prints on display in our home that always get comments. If you are seeking a family photographer that can capture the real you, in your real life, look no farther than Ebony Logins.”

– Leanna Hill


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