Surprise Elopement at William Simmons Park | Sooke Wedding Photography

Elopement Photography in Sooke, BC

There is no wedding more romantic than a surprise elopement in Sooke! My dear friends Sam and Josh have been together for many years. In October, they decided to elope with just a few family and friends. They live in Sooke and invited a small group of family “for dinner”.

In the week leading up to the wedding (yes, it was planned in just one week!) I had a blast working with Sam to hire the amazing officiant, Brenda Parkinson and to find the perfect wedding dress. There were definitely tons of tears watching her try on dresses! On the day of the wedding, I also did Sam’s hair and makeup. It was such a fun morning. Sam and Josh let everyone know they were getting married!

We chose the location for the surprise elopement at the last minute.

A big thanks goes out to Brenda for being such a flexible officiant! William Simmons Memorial Park is a beautiful spot with forest trails, an orchard, a covered picnic area, and docks on Poirier Lake. It was the perfect location for a surprise elopement. It’s a hidden gem just 5 minutes from Sooke’s downtown core! We sent the groom and family to the park about 10 minutes ahead of the bride. Her father walked her down the isle and lead her to the alter, which was in the beautiful orchard.

I love that even though it was raining, they were happy to have the surprise elopement under those pretty trees!It was a heartfelt ceremony. I think that’s what happens when you plan something last minute… there is no time to overthink! We all laughed and cried! The portraits we took after the ceremony are some of my favourites.

We had so much fun and they were filled with joy! The entire wedding was treated to an amazing meal at the Sooke Harbour House’s new Copper Room. The food there is incredible and the company was wonderful. I just love how smoothly the day went and how incredible it was to be a part of such a romantic wedding!

surprise-elopement-sooke-victoria-wedding-photographer-groom-flower-girl-brenda-parkinson-officiant-william-simmonds-park bride-wedding-dress-sooke-william-simmonds-park-surprise-elopement sooke-wedding-photographer-ebony-logins-flower-girl-groom-brenda-parkinson-officiant-william-simmonds-park poirier-lake-wedding-bride-father-isle-sooke-elopement-ebony-logins-red-cedar-photography bride-sooke-elopement-wedding-photography-william-simmonds-park happy-bride-groom-elopement-ceremony-ebony-logins-red-cedar-photography rain-surprise-elopement-ceremony-sooke-ebony-logins-red-cedar-photography-william-simmonds-park mother-bride-flower-girl-rain-wedding-ceremony-sooke-elopement sooke-wedding-elopement-ceremony-father-bride-guests-photography groom-bride-vows-wedding-ceremony-brenda-parkinson-sooke-elopement-wedding-ebony-logins-photography happy-bride-groom-elopement-ceremony-rain-sooke-bc-wedding-photographer-ebony-logins-red-cedar-photography wedding-ceremony-elopement-william-simmonds-park-sooke-poirier-lake-brenda-parkinson-officiant surprise-elopement-wedding-ceremony-brenda-parkinson-ebony-logins-red-cedar-photography-sooke-bc small-wedding-elopement-sooke-bc-poirier-lake-park-brenda-parkinson-officiant-photographer-ebony-logins ring-exchange-surprise-elopement-sooke-bc-wedding-ebony-logins-photographer first-kiss-elopement-ceremony-sooke-bc-wedding-photographer-ebony-logins-red-cedar-photography bride-groom-flower-girl-daughter-william-simmonds-park-poirier-lake-sooke-bc-wedding flower-girl-bride-groom-sooke-bc-elopement family-portrait-sooke-bc-elopement-photography wedding-family-groom-bride-daughter-flower-girl-sooke-elopement bride-smile-sooke-bc-wedding sooke-elopement-wedding-photographer-ebony-logins-red-cedar-photography-victoria-bc sooke-wedding-photographer-ebony-logins-red-cedar-photography-bride-groom-park wedding-photographer-ebony-logins-sooke-bc-bride-groom-forest-trail-poirier-lake elopement-photography-bride-groom-kiss-love-forest-park-sooke-bc-ebony-logins love-couples-wedding-photographer-ebony-logins-sooke-bc ebony-logins-wedding-photography-sooke-bc-bride-groom-carry ebony-logins-elopement-sooke-bc-poirier-lake-dock-wedding-bride-groom ebony-logins-red-cedar-photography-sooke-bc-poirier-lake-dock-surprise-elopement ebony-logins-sooke-harbour-house-wedding-photographer-whiffen-spit-elopement ebony-logins-sooke-harbour-house-elopement-photrographer-bride-groom surprise-elopement-photography-ebony-logins-sooke-harbour-house-bride-groom-kiss-wedding


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Sooke Prestige Wedding | Iranian Wedding

Sooke Prestige Wedding | Iranian Wedding

I met Golpar and Charles for their Sooke Prestige Wedding on their wedding day. This couple is madly in love. This is exactly the type of couple I love working with! They hosted an Iranian wedding with family and friends from Iran and all over the United States. Charles is a PhD student in Alabama who is from British Columbia. Golpar, from Iran, is a structural engineer in Florida. Needless to say, they spent a lot of time apart before their wedding. Long distance relationships can be tough, but they are also rewarding. You could see how much love they shared when they were together.

Planning an international wedding can be such hard work, but they pulled it off without a hitch. These two are so laid back and just so happy to be together. Paired with their love for each other, it was such a joyful occasion! I was honored to see them in my hometown of Sooke for their special day. A Sooke Prestige Wedding was the perfect fit. They wanted to incorporate cultural elements in their ceremony. There were beautiful fabrics and several meaningful foods and mementos. The ring box was my favourite, because inside it was a love note from when they first started dating. How sweet is that?!

The ceremony was so beautiful, unique, and heartwarming.

All of the guests formed a circle around them. The ceremony site has a gorgeous view of the Sooke harbour and the stunning mountains of Olympic National Park in Washington. It was a windy day, and we made it work with some beautiful portraits of this loving couple. After the ceremony, Golpar had a surprise visit from her dog! They then shared a wonderful meal and danced the night away. It was such a joy to listen to the speeches. With many guests coming from all over the world and Golpar and Charles living so far apart, they had wonderful and loving stories to tell.

Congratulations Golpar & Charles! I wish you the very best in your marriage! <3



The rooms at the Prestige have beautiful light for bridal portraits.


All the photographs were taken on the hotel grounds. It has a beautiful harbour location which offers so much variety.

sooke-prestige-oceanfront-resort-wedding-bride-and-groom-creative-portrait bride-and-groom-creative-portrait-prestige-oceanfront-hotel-sooke-wedding

Sooke Prestige Wedding

The resort dock is a beautiful location. We took photographs with the beautiful hotel in the background. We also captured the ceremony location behind them. I love including the ceremony location. It adds beautiful meaning to these images.

bride-and-groom-creative-portrait-prestige-wedding-photographer-ebony-logins-red-cedar-photography ebony-logins-sooke-bc-wedding-photographer-prestige-oceanfront-hotel--bride-groom ebony-logins-sooke-prestige-wedding-photographer-bride-groom-emotional-portrait bride-and-groom-at-prestige-oceanfront-hotel-sooke-veil-wind

Family portraits are so important. Especially when you’re flying in family from all over the world!

Harbour Air will fly guests right on to Whiffen Spit, just minutes from the Prestige Hotel in Sooke. I worked for this wonderful company for a couple of years in Nanaimo and Vancouver.


The Prestige grounds are beautiful! I won an award for this next photograph. Bridal portraits can be fun!


I love the lines and implied movement in this image of the bride. The tones are beautiful. The is the center of attention in this faceless shot.


Her maid of honor surprised her by making sure her beloved dog could be part of the wedding day!


This ring shot is one of my all-time favourites. The colours are incredible. Underneath the rings is the very first love letter between them.


The walked down the isle together. I love the portrait of the groom fixing the bride’s dress before they walk.

prestige-oceanfront-hotel-sooke-wedding-bride-groom-walk-down-the-isle-anticipation prestige-oceanfront-hotel-sooke-bride-groom-walk-down-the-isle

The Iranian ceremony begins with a kiss.These two knocked it out of the park! I love how they arranged their guests around them in a circle!

sooke-prestige-hotel-photographer-ebony-logins-iranian-wedding-ceremony-oceanfront-gazebo-bride-groom-first-kiss ebony-logins-sooke-prestige-hotel-iranian-wedding-ceremony-oceanfront-gazebo-bride-groom

They are so connected and loving. I love capturing sweet moments like this.



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Brittany & Ryne | Victoria Wedding Photographer

Victoria Wedding Photographer, Ebony Logins | I met Brittany & Ryne a few years ago and I’m so glad they chose me as their wedding photographer. They got engaged and drove all the way down from Nanaimo for their engagement session in East Sooke Park. We took photos on the beach and had a lot of fun together. They brought Ryne’s son along for the session and you could totally tell he loved them both so much. Just wait until you see his reaction on the wedding day! We stayed connected on the days leading up to their wedding to make sure everything was in place. Their ceremony took place in the Victoria Inner Harbour at the Coast Victoria Hotel & Marina.

The ceremony was filled with love, laughter, and tears of joy!

It was so windy that day! We had a beautiful view of the harbour and marina, right from the ceremony location. All of the guests were so happy for this loving couple. They care for and respect each other so much! It was evident in their speeches that they were truly, deeply, madly in love.

Their son cried during their exchange of vows. It was so sweet to see him get emotional. He was just so happy for his family to come together! Take a look at some of the photographs from their wedding day…

wedding-victoria-harbour-decoration engagement-photo-session-wedding-day-decor victoria-bc-inner-harbour-coast-hotel-marina victoria-wedding-photographer-bride-dress-coast-hotel wedding-shoes-cowboy-boots-necklace-earrings-garter bridal-party-getting-ready-deck-sunshine-coast-hotel-downtown-victoria-harbour


The rooms at the Coast Victoria Hotel & Marina have the most beautiful views of the city and Victoria’s Inner Harbour.


bride-getting-ready-coast-hotel-victoria-harbourbride-getting-ready-mother-reaction-first-lookvictoria-wedding-photographer-ebony-logins-bride-getting-ready  wedding-photographer-emotional-moments-ceremony-laughter-tears wedding-ceremony-coast-hotel-victoria-harbour-marina wedding-photography-ceremony-laugher-tears-best-man-child-coast-hotel-blue-crab-restaurant Victoria-Wedding-Photographer-groomsmen-child-tears-emotional-ceremony-bride-groom-wedding-vows wedding-vows-bride-groom-child-crying-emotional-ceremony victoria-wedding-photographer-first-kiss-husband-wife-emotional-moment-coast-hotel victoria-wedding-photographerfirst-kiss-dip-bride-emotional-ceremony-inner-harbour walk-aisle-bride-groom-husband-wife-victoria-bc-wedding-photographer groomsmen-bridesmaids-aisle-ceremony-bubbles-wedding-photographer-victoria-bc victoria-wedding-photographer-ebony-logins-emotional-ceremony-moment wedding-photographer-fun-family-portrait-wedding-party-victoria-bc

Victoria Wedding Photographer

The bride and groom took a carriage to Beacon Hill Park. The bridal party followed in a limo bus!

victoria-bc-wedding-carriage-ride-tally-ho-bride-groom victoria-bc-wedding-party-limo-bus victoria-bc-wedding-photography-limo-party-bus-celebrate-pole-dance bride-groom-carriage-ride-champagne-celebration-victoria-bc-wedding-just-married bride-groom-kiss-beacon-hill-park-victoria-bc-wedding wedding-party-goofy-socks-beacon-hill-park-victoria-bc bride-groom-beacon-hill-park-wedding victoria-wedding-photographer-beacon-hill-park-victoria-bc-wedding-party-kiss victoria-wedding-photographer-beacon-hill-park-bridal-party-bridesmaids-bride-laughing beacon-hill-park-wedding-victoria-bc-bride-groom-garden bride-groom-kiss-beacon-hill-park-willow-tree victoria-wedding-photography-bride-cowboy-boot-kick-groom victoria-wedding-photographer-beacon-hill-park-rose-garden-bride-groom-kiss-married victoria-wedding-photography-beacon-hill-park-bride-groom-kiss-bridge beacon-hill-park-wedding-photographer-victoria-bc-fountain-heron-bird bridal-portrait-dress-bouquet-wedding-photography-victoria-bc-beacon-hill-park

Beacon Hill Park is such a beautiful place for wedding photos.

There is so much variety! While it’s a popular location, there are tons of places to shoot, so every wedding can look different.

I’m so happy for Brittany & Ryne! They are so connected and loving. I wish them the very best in their new lives together as husband and wife!


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Ayleen & Lake

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Vancouver Island Wedding

A Beautiful Vancouver Island Wedding with Katherine & Brad Doyle

Katie and I have been friends since high school. She is one of the nicest people I know, and has always loved photography. When she asked me to be her wedding day photographer, I was so honoured and obviously said YES! Years ago, she moved across the country. From sea to sea! She met Brad, the love of her life, in Newfoundland. I was so happy to hear that Brad and his family was going to head out west for a beautiful Vancouver Island wedding.

When I arrived at the family farm, I was blown away. There were a hundred, perfect little details that Katie’s family had made – by hand – so that her day would be extra special. It looked like a fairy tale! I used to be a wedding coordinator at the incredible Sooke Harbour House, and even there, with glamorous celebrity weddings, I had never seen so much love and detail put into the decor. The chandelier hanging from the tree under which they married. The simple outdoor dining experience. The adorable carnival theme. This Vancouver Island wedding was breathtaking.

Of course, the bride was, too! Katie wore the most beautiful lace dress. I am a total sucker for lace wedding dresses! They are timeless. The wedding went off without a hitch! Everything was perfect for this perfect couple. After the ceremony, we went to the forest at the back of the farm for photos. We only had about 30 minutes, but we made it work! During dinner, there were some hilarious toasts. It was a real celebration of two families joining. One from the East, one from the West.

This Vancouver Island Wedding by Ebony Logins of Red Cedar Photography took place in Duncan, B.C. Ebony Logins is part of the CMPro Daily Project.

Nanaimo Wedding Teaser!

Sarah & Mike’s beautiful Nanaimo wedding at the Coast Bastion hotel.


How Many Hours of Coverage Do I Need?

Courtenay Wedding

Wedding Photography Victoria BC & Beyond

One of my FAQs is: How many hours of coverage do I need? I’ve put together a few tips to help you choose the best wedding package for your Big Day. Near the end, you’ll see an example of 6 hour coverage and 10 hour coverage.

What do you want covered?

First things first, make sure you know what parts of the day you’d like the photographer to cover. I typically work with a second shooter to cover a portion of the Bride & Groom getting ready with their friends and family. If you are exchanging gifts before the wedding, I love to be there to capture that as well.

Courtenay Wedding

Do you want us to stay for the entire reception? Capturing the cake cutting and dancing is always a fun part of the night! Let your photographer know what time these events occur and if you’d like them to stay until your reception exit. It’s details like this that will help you determine the length of time you need to have coverage. I also have an easy fillable schedule that can help you schedule your day! Deciding on a start and end time is the first step to booking your package. Of course, I will always stay as late as you need me to. » Ebony Logins | Red Cedar Photography | Wedding & Engagement Photography | Victoria, B.C.

Ceremony Length

Next, you need to think about the ceremony length.  If you want us to cover you getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception, I suggest 8-10 hours of coverage. If you have a short ceremony, you may only need 6-8 hours.

Courtenay Wedding

Location Transfer

A shorter ceremony along with a reception at the same venue is a good way to cut down on travel time. Make sure that your venue has a beautiful spot for creative portraits and that you will have some time to separate from your wedding guests while you enjoy some time with your partner.

6 Hour Example: The beautiful photo below was taken just a few feet from the ceremony location! The Grooms only wanted ceremony coverage, a short time for personal creatives, and reception coverage.

Doug & Janier Wedding, Vancouver, Chinese Garden

If you are getting ready at one venue, and your ceremony and reception are at separate venues, or if you are planning to go off-site for creative portraits, you will need to incorporate travel time. You will also need to include about 10 minutes for packing up and gathering your wedding party.

Formal Photo Requirements

To save time here, have a member of your Bridal Party gather your family for formals after the ceremony. The number of people in your bridal party and families will determine the time required for photos before the reception. Some B&Gs opt to do their family photos at the ceremony site and bring their Bridal Party along for the creative portraits.

10 Hour Example: This wonderful group photo below was taken off-site with 12 members of their Bridal Party. I worked with a second shooter to capture the B&G getting ready and we photographed a first-look, the ceremony, family formals, off-site creatives, and the full reception.

Courtenay Wedding

Special Exit

Full-day coverage is the best choice if you’ve planned a special event, like a sparkler exit or fireworks. I always love working with couples for creative evening shots such as this!

Courtenay Wedding

♥ Ebony Logins
Red Cedar Photography
Wedding Photography Victoria BC & Beyond

To First Look or Not To First Look? | Wedding Photography Victoria BC

Courtenay Wedding

Should I Have a First Look
Before the Wedding Ceremony?

| Wedding Photography Victoria BC |

This is a question I get from many couples, since first looks are becoming more an more popular in wedding photography. I always offer a first look, so I thought I’d help you make the decision by going through the pros and cons. In my professional opinion, there is something about the first look that truly captures the way you feel on your wedding day. Seeing your partner for the first time, all dressed up and ready to marry you, is a priceless moment. Whether this moment happens as you walk down the isle or as you enjoy a private moment pre-ceremony, I’ll help you make the best decision for your Big Day.

wedding photography victoria bc

  1. Your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye! There is always something to do and someone to see. If you have a first look, it gives you and your partner a few precious moments to yourselves. It’s always hectic after the ceremony, gathering friends and family for formal portraits and rushing away for your wedding party photos. A first look allows you to spend more time relaxing with your guests and you won’t have to worry about returning in time for your reception. Depending on the timing of your day, your first look can include your portraits as well as the bridal party portraits and sometimes even family formals. Either way, we’ll make sure you have some alone time with your fiancé to have the true first look experience! Since you’ve just finished your heat and makeup, both will still be perfection before the ceremony. Let’s face it – receiving lines are a heartwarming experience for any B&G, but tugs at your hair and smudging your makeup are inevitable.

Courtenay Wedding

  1. If you think you’re going to be super nervous on your Big Day, the first look helps to relax you. You will feel invigorated and ready to take on the ceremony! During the ceremony, it’s so hard to take everything in. It’s truly a fleeting moment, so capturing that same feeling before the ceremony gives you additional time to enjoy the walk down the isle and the quiet, intimate time » Ebony Logins | Red Cedar Photography | Wedding & Engagement Photography | Victoria, B.C.
  1. I promise, you will still take your fiancé’s breath away when you walk down the isle! With all of your friends and family watching, the moment will always be heightened and magical. It’s the kind of moment that just cannot be spoiled ♥


How Much Time Do I Need for Photos
If I Don’t Have a First Look?

| Wedding Photography Victoria BC |

Many couples opt out of the first look for a more traditional feel for their wedding day. If this is you, I’ve put together some minimum times you’ll need to schedule for photos after the ceremony:

  1. Family Formals: 30 to 45 minutes depending on your family size. Have a bridesmaid who is not immediate family (friends are totally family you choose!) gather your relatives.
  2. B&G Creative Portraits: 30-45 minutes for your newlywed shots plus another 30 to 45 minutes for your bridal party pictures, depending on the number of people in your party. Choose a location that is somewhat removed from your ceremony and reception areas so that you’re not distracted by guest activities. I love helping to choose locations, so feel free to ask for suggestions!wedding photography victoria bc
  3. If you decide to have photos taken offsite, designate a driver or two to transport you and your bridal party. If you are new to the area and need directions, you can always follow my brightly coloured car! If the location is 10 minutes away, schedule 15 minutes of travel time.
  4. It’s super hard to keep track of everyone’s whereabouts on the Big Day! Family, friends, and bridal party members often go missing. A little bit of wiggle room is always appreciated to account for this.
  5. Schedule 15 minutes after the reception, dancing, cake etc. for some beautiful evening shots. These are some of my favourites!

wedding photography victoria bc

Please remember that these times are minimums, so if you have a larger family and bridal party, or if you want more creative photos for your wedding album, more time should be added. The average is 1.5 hours for photographs, not counting travel and miscellaneous time. Since it can be a long wait before dinner, I always bring snacks and drinks for my brides, just let me know if you have any food sensitivities ♥

Ebony Logins, Owner of Red Cedar Photography
Wedding Photography – Victoria BC