Victoria BC Engagement Photography

 Engagement Photography

Victoria BC Engagement Photography

Congratulations! You’re engaged!

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Your engagement photography session with Red Cedar Photography will be fun and carefree. It’s definitely nothing to worry about!

It’s a time to celebrate, relax, and look forward to your future together.


Victoria BC Engagement Photography

If you’re up for a stylized session, think about your current hobbies and interests. What do you like to do together? Cooking, sports, hiking? Think about where you love to be together. Where do you spend most of your time together that means a lot to you both? This might be the beach, park, home, etc. These images capture your “forever” moments, so make sure they location brings back some awesome memories!


These are also the images that will be in your wedding guestbook, and guests love to see the two of you enjoying quality time together! If you love goofing off, let’s make sure we do some goofing along with those artistic serious shots!


You can also work your professions in you your engagement session.

Is he a firefighter? A dancer? A farmer? Is she a chef? A teacher? A geologist? Whatever the case may be, incorporating your professional lives into your photographs will help make the moment last forever. It can be as simple as bringing along uniforms and meaningful items to the shoot to heading to the location that signifies your area(s) of expertise.


Are you into sports? Show some team spirit in your photographs with jerseys! If you like to play basketball together, consider some time at the courts during your shoot.

Victoria BC Engagement Photography

What’s your favorite kind of music? Are you both country lovers? Maybe you’re more into the classical music scene. Don’t be afraid to dress the part.


Where do you feel like you’re really in your element? Is it outdoors at your favorite park? In the museum perusing the art? Or maybe you love the buzz of a colorful city.


What always makes you two laugh or have fun? Maybe it’s a board game, or a visit to the fair or circus.


Let’s have some fun at your engagement session. Think of a few great locations and bring a few props or changes of clothing! This is your time to have fun, relax, and celebrate your future together.

Engagement Photography by Ebony Logins – Red Cedar Photography – Based in Victoria BC

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