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As you can see, my pricing is a little different than most. Essentially, you pay for the exact products and services you want. It’s like, a mix between typical wedding packages and a-la-carte. I think it’s the best of both worlds! You don’t get anything you don’t need, and it’s not confusing! One of your first options is whether or not you would like to hire a 2nd professional or intern photographer. A 2nd shooter is another set of eyes there to cover the wedding. Here are some reasons why it’s an excellent idea to have them!

  1. I cannot teleport. If you know me, you know I love the idea of teleportation! Unfortunately, I can only be in one place at any given time. Yes, the bride will always start getting ready before the groom! But the most exciting things happen in the bride’s room when the guys start to get ready. Like putting on the dress! I don’t want to miss that while running down the street, retuning from photographing the groom. With a 2nd shooter, you know that all the day’s memories are being captured. The brides and the grooms!Victoria BC Engagement by Ebony Logins
  2. Posed shots are important. They are the ones you hang on the wall, print in your album, and send to your grandparents. It is my job to make sure you have these timeless images that you can print, display, and share with family and friends for years to come. But! These are not the real you! These photographs are beautiful and my favourite to capture, don’t get me wrong! The 2nd shooter will also capture the in-between moments. Candid shots that reflect how you really are with your partner, friends, and » Ebony Logins | Red Cedar Photography | Wedding & Engagement Photography | Victoria, B.C.
  3. The 2nd shooter is also an important asset during the ceremony. They add to the number of images you receive. They also capture additional unique moments and angles.Courtenay Wedding
  4. You’ll get more creative shots from throughout the wedding day, as well! I am focused on the traditional shots and capturing the important images from your shot list. The 2nd photographer has the freedom to explore and be creative. They capture additional perspectives for your album that compliment the main photographer’s work.
    Victoria BC Wedding Photographer
  5. Oh goodness. Now, we hope an emergency will never happen. But! If the main photographer gets injured during the wedding, the 2nd shooter is there to ensure the work continues! Without skipping a beat, the 2nd shooter will be there to photograph all the beautiful moments. Also, we carry more than one camera body and plenty of lenses. Sometimes though, a card can be corrupted or a camera can seize without warning. A 2nd shooter will be right there to capture the moment that could be missed while the main photographer is changing equipment.
    Doug & Janier Wedding, Vancouver, Chinese Garden
  6. Sometimes there is not a lot of time between the ceremony and reception for photos. This doesn’t mean you should have fewer beautiful images! Instead of spending time photographing reception details, the 2nd shooter can take on this important task while the main shooter photographs your couples shots after » Ebony Logins | Red Cedar Photography | Wedding & Engagement Photography | Victoria, B.C.
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